Horse Stalls - Danish Design Horse Stalls

We manufacture and export Horse stalls that suit both horses and people!

All of our Horse Stalls are made from strong closed steel frames. We only fabricate with thick-walled metal that will withstand wear and tear for many years to come.

Our Horse Stalls are fitted with beautiful African Hardwood (FSC certified).
The hardwood is Kiln dried and molded with tongue and groove. The thickness is 32 mm and weighs 950kg/m3 after drying.

We guarantee that no horse no matter what size or temperament will break this wood.
Our Stalls are not DIY assembly systems with endless bits and pieces.
Our Stalls are fully welded single partions that are Hot dipped Galvanized, Norm ISO 1461.

A Stall front typical consist of 1 front partition and 1 door partition.

Safety first:

A couple of thoughts on why you should consider a Rational Designed Horse Stall:

Side hinged window panel in doors to prevent injuries. Not drop downs that can cause head injuries to children in the stable.

All materials are rounded to avoid cuts.

Assembly between sides and fronts are hidden in an enclosed C profile to avoid cuts.

Easy rolling sliding doors with semi automatic closing. No more loose horses in the stable.

All wood is encapsled in a an extra C profile. We are the only manufacturer that does this, but it makes the structure so much stronger.

We have standard Horse Stalls in stock but also fabricate Custom Horse Stalls that reflect our customer’s personal tastes and designs

We have been in continous operation since 1982, manufacturing Horse Stalls, Windows and Dutch Doors, built to Danish Quality Standards, for individual horse and pony owners, riding clubs and horse breeders throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

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