Hot dipped steel windows for horse barns

We fabricate a wide range of hot dipped galvanized steel windows for use in regular barns and horse barns.

Galvaniserede staldvinduer

We place great emphasis on function and practicality.

Facts and Benefits:

  • Aluminium glazing bead - Not plastic or wood which will be broken down by UV light and also requires maitenance.
  • Grill is Ø20 mm tubes, not solid round bars which are softer and more elastic.
  • Stainless steel bolts are used in our products, not cheap electro-galvanized hardware.

Furthermore our patented glazing system has no visible fasteners or sharp edges.

Click for examples of Horse barn windows

Side hinged windows make it possible for the horse to feel more comfortable while providing light and fresh air.

These windows also allow air to circulate more freely, resulting in cleaner air inside the stable, and a more pleasant environment.

The glass comes insulated or toughened according to the customer’s wishes.

Horse Stall windows are available in any size.